Call for Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to help out with the first East Van Game Jam! In addition to participating in the Game Jam itself, our volunteers will also help to make sure that anyone onsite has a great experience!


We are looking for volunteers from Friday to Monday, including set up, clean up, and providing technical assistance for users with WiFi. In addition we also need folks to help out with checking badges and making sure that we create a safe and inclusive environment.

Since we are running a 24-hour event over multiple days we are looking for volunteers who can provide coverage to make sure that the organizers and MakeShift staff are able to maintain a healthy schedule!

During the actual conference we are looking for help in the following::

  1. Registration – Assisting people with signing in for the day, team registration and general assistance for the event.
  2. A/V – Helping to make sure during the two mid-jam and the final demos run smoothly.

The goal is to give you the opportunity to volunteer in an area that you are most interested in, and our volunteer team will be able to fully participate in the Game Jam as well as their volunteer roles.

To sign up as a volunteer, please sign up here. Thanks for your time!

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